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Consorzio Bias is a review site for beautification products and equipment. It’s for people looking to find some insights and opinions on a product that they are looking to buy. It’s for the reader that is conservative and wants the views of others to make an informative decision on what to purchase.

Picture of My name is Rita Vaughn

My name is Rita Vaughn

I’m a single mom from Chicago, Illinois who loves online shopping to the core!

I’m a stay at home mom, that is also quite skilled in writing, so my little ones said 🙂 I have 2 boys, Luke, 7, and Reeves 3. Being a single mom I’ve tried out multiple jobs before, From a waitress, to being an assistant to a lovely flower shop in downtown Chicago. After an inspiring chat with my best friend, I started venturing out into the digital world. Starting with blogging about beauty tips.

I’ve been trying out and reviewing aesthetic products and equipment for over 4 years now. It started back when I fell in love with this skin whitening lotion and posted about it on social media. That’s where I started earning money through blog postings. As time went by,my hobby grew quickly into a business and I started my group of blog sites.

I grew up as an “ugly duckling”. During my college days, I started researching and reading hundreds of articles on how to present myself better, and be generally more healthy and fit. I started trying out products, and using equipment that are trending. As the number of products that I tried grew, so did the number of people asking me for my thoughts and recommendations about aesthetics. I began blogging about the beauty products and aesthetic equipment Iwas using like snow teeth, and the visitors grew and grew within months. Now I’m devoting my time into perfecting my craft, and helping others to find out the best of the best out there.

In 2018, I started getting serious, and was receiving offers from various companies to promote their product. I take pride in the information that I’m distributing, so you can be assured that I’m only reviewing and blogging the highest quality beauty products. I’ve also ventured into doing podcasts for beauty tips with experts from around the industry.

My aim is not just to provide content, but to also be as informative and engaging to people looking for ways to spice up their physical appearance. You don’t need to invest a buck laid of money to get better looks, this is one of my goals in my blogs; to provide consumers the cheapest and best alternative solutions to an aesthetically pleasing smile.

The reviews you will see here are short and on-point. I will also link some of the products websites here so you know where you can purchase them. The reviews are unbiased. I will use the utmost of my abilities to provide you with a clean and descriptive article. I will also be providing some tips and tricks in general for overall wellness.

Up to this point, everything has been amazing. It’s great to help people in deciding what’s best for them, and point out what they need to look out for in a product. I’ll be continuing this journey with you guys, and helping you out on your road to a better you. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions through the contact us option!

That’s it about me, Looking forward to hearing from you, my readers. This is Rita, leaving the words; Love the beauty in you!

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